LPG cylinder 12.5 Kg

cylinder design:

Transportable and rechargeable welded steel cylinder for two-piece liquid petroleum gas, heat treated at a temperature between 910° and 940°C


Technical specifications:

  • Nature of transported gas: LPG
  • Commercial charge of the bottle: 12.5 Kg
  • Water capacity of the bottle: 26 Liters
  • Service pressure (PS): 20 Bar
  • Test pressure (PH): 30 Bar

Basic metal mechanical characteristics:

  • Tensile strength: 410 MPa Rm 500MPa
  • Maximum yield strength Min= 265 MPa
  • Elongation 24%

Cylinder finish:

Shot blasted cylinder, métallized with a zinc layer, and powder coated with electrostatic paint in the oven (RAL color on customer request).